Thursday, January 19, 2012

vetti vimarsanam for Nanban

Chetan Bagat should be thanked-his five point someone has the best viewership if not the readership. His message gets conveyed even though his story has been officially or unofficially stolen and modified to the extent of including ileana item song.

The message is good as in the original book closely followed by 3 idiots but should it need big stars like vijay, jiiva and srikanth...? aarya, Jai/ aadhi and santhanam might have been even better at a lesser cost for the frame. Ileana is a terrific misfit and shreya or anjali could have been better, although Ileana appears to give her best. Sathyan really makes a good effort to impress. Satyaraj is too predictable and he needs no special effort as normally any such role fits him, prakash raj, Ashish vidhyarthi and the like. Baski could have been tried. Harris has some vengeance for shankar. He has perhaps outsourced his mind or music. Except in the name, you dont see that quality anywhere even though the theme song is sort of ok. Nobody shoots songs with such a commitment as Shankar and this is no exception although entire music is a simple waste.

On the whole the movie is ok but one may wonder is it Shankar's movie when it comes to the qn of remakes. Same mistake as was done in 3 idiots, why the brother's character is underplayed is a mystery. It comes as a passing information although it could have been used for creating an impact.

Comedy has come out well thanks to using the richness of Tamil although names of characters have been chosen funnily. Twists like S J Surya coming in, Jiiva's falling etc are good but the story had the snag of vagueness about the 10 years of silence and non-communication of such a caring friend, which continues in the movie also.

Without any hangover of 3 idiots and 5 point if you go, you may still get your money's worth as comedy/entertainment are given priority and the message is always a liked one. Better if Shankar does not restrict himself to remakes anymore.